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Polished concrete is becoming the new hot trend for the home, workplace, retail store, and even holiday homes.

A classic polished concrete floor is a simple, no frills style that is also attractive, functional, and durable. The contemporary look is desirable in a home or office with many different finishing options to change the appearance. A concrete floor is without doubt one of the most durable and easy to maintain options for any function. All it needs is a sweep and mop to keep it clean. No need to worry about scratching hardwood or chemical cleaners damaging the material.

High-quality concrete polishing takes a certain skillset and experience, so you don’t want any bloke doing it. Get in touch with our friendly team in Adelaide for a free no obligation quote.

Benefits to having a polished concrete floor:

  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy cleaning helps reduce dust and other allergens
  • Won’t harbour mould and mildew
  • Its sheen reflects light better, brightening a room without adding lights
  • Has a great contemporary look
  • Versatility to work great for different uses

Many different concrete floor finishes:

Premium Polished Concrete – One of the most popular choices, the texture of the medium sized aggregate contrasting with a high sheen polish is attractive.

Extra High Sheen Polished Concrete – A high sheen finish exposes larger aggregate below.

Salt and Pepper Polished Concrete – Lighter coloured aggregate with a high sheen on top.

Polish – This is a simple service to keep your concrete floor looking polished and in great condition.

Rejuvenation Polish – This service brings an old concrete floor to life by re-polishing and giving it a fresh seal. This extends the life of a polished concrete floor.

Polished concrete is also great for:

  • Fireside hearths
  • Sheds and garages
  • Poolside’s
  • Patios for outdoor entertainment
  • Vertical concrete such as walls

If you are starting with new concrete or wanting to turn an old ugly concrete floor into something striking, using a polishing service is always an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and healthy option. It’s a leading flooring choice for designers and architects, so its benefits are no secret. It can be an easy choice to spruce up a room or commercial space.

If you are looking for concrete polishing services around Adelaide, give Concrete Polishing a call! We complete all types of concrete services like grinding and sealing, epoxy finishes, and rejuvenation. Give us a call today!


Grind and Seal
Grind and Seal

Like polished concrete, our grind and seal team will utilise diamond grinders and processes to prepare the surface. But a grind and seal finish is often a quicker process than…

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Concrete Polishing
Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is an easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, visually stunning contemporary material .

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Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring

We provide several concrete resurfacing solutions, specialising in providing seamless, highly durable and impermeable epoxy floors.

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Concrete Grinding
Concrete Grinding

We provide concrete surface preparation services for tiles, carpets, the removal of older glues, or simply the elimination of hazards such as unwanted lips of concrete.

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Concrete Sealing
Concrete Sealing

We provide an extensive range of concrete sealers and protective floor coatings, catering to all flooring purposes and requirements. 

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Honed Concrete
Honed Concrete

Honed concrete is also known as polishing/grinding but its a distinct finish which gives it that immaculate matte finish.

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Our machines are well maintained so they consistently give the best result and we avoid delays due to breaking.

Experienced Crew

Our staff are experts in concrete polishing and have the training and experience to produce a quality product.

Accurate Timeframes

During our first meeting, we will take measurements then make a plan of action to get the project done.


Adelaide wide service

Our equipment is easily moved all over Adelaide. Call today to talk about where you will need our concrete polishing services.

Special Use Machinery

We always try to keep the noise and mess to a minimum and take any and all precautions against it.

Number 1 priority!

We are not satisfied until you are! Happy customers are our main priority for us, and we will do all we can to to deliver it.

Initial Inspection

Not all concrete is the same, so it is important that we send a team out to assess the condition and type of concrete that is to be worked on. After inspection, we will let you know exactly how we will proceed.

Quote & Palnning

After the job is measured and inspected, we will get back to you with a quote and timeframe so you can plan your project.


Planning out a project at the start is crucial to ensure it runs smoothly. We will send you accurate timelines so that you can plan and other changes accurately .

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