Tile and Vinyl Removal


We can provide several types of concrete resurfacing options. Our specialty is seamless, impermeable, and durable epoxy finishes onto polished concrete.

Easy Maintenance  

Maintaining an epoxy floor is exceptionally easy. The impermeable resin applied to the floor to create a gloss finish can be mopped to clean up any spill. Epoxy is also great to prevent mould and other potential allergens from growing, keeping the surface hygienic and clean. This finish is commonly used in commercial kitchens for these reasons.

Visual Appeal

Epoxy flooring can be customized to increase the aesthetic of the space. Metallic and flake are commonly added to accent a space.

Economic Flooring Choice

Economically, it is hard to beat an epoxy floor. The installation is very affordable and lasts much longer than other flooring options.

Anti-Slip surface

Epoxy floors do not retain moisture, reducing the risk of slipping and injury. To increase the anti-slip properties, an additive can be applied at the time of installation. This is a wise choice around pools and outdoor entertainment areas.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

There are several types of epoxy flooring. The most popular options are the self-levelling and mortar sealants. The mortar floors are very tough and ideal for sheds and driveways.